Redistribution Of The Wealth

So old people, single people, people without children, or people who want children are going to subsidize people (child benefit increase) with children. Typical progressive economic brilliance on display. Sound (conservative free market) fiscal policy does not have the government enhancing one part of society at the expense of the rest of society.  If both parents happen to be public sector workers their economic security will be enhanced at the expense of everybody else.

Know this for what it is a redistribution of the wealth scheme with much of the wealth will flow from the private sector to the public sector. But you really can't expect any better from a guy whose only job in the real world appears to have been as a mail room clerk as this graphic illustrates. When it comes to that comparison the only thing you need to realize is this neither of these guys has ever run a business. All the other stuff is merely optics and none of it has anything to do with the job.

The fact is neither of them are fit based on past, or lack of it, experience to be Prime Minister.

Canada: A Terrible (Failing) State

Gosh I feel so much safer knowing our army will be half way around the world while their army uses our immigration system to enter Canada or comes back from it's summer vacation with the ISIS. Anyone ever notice Harper doesn't mention a word about what's going on here at home, where he could do something, on Canadian campuses when he "talks" - and talk is cheap - tough about Radical Islam in far away lands where he has no say at all - pure political optics at work. Okay all you leftist females  & corporate MSM Nanny State drones who kept very quiet about what happened in Rotherham let's hear your howls of outrage. Hello, hello...

Big Pharma AgitProp & The Bought Offs

So how bad is this situation in Canada and what Big Pharma AgitProp are they pushing for money? Drug cartel money has poured into our universities in Canada. And it appears to be an ongoing love affair as well. And because of this  - quite possibly from the river of Big Pharma cash flowing - a lot of bad medicine is being injected into people especially children; in many cases for phony mental health issues. And the answer to this question is absolutely.
A Dangerous Optical Illusion

Here is one example of why you should not trust the media in Canada.  For one thing it's reporting is so biased against Israel that HonestReportingCanada has to point out it's bias on almost a daily basis. But the situation is even more worrisome when it comes to the CBC. For the CBC is in cahoots with the Peoples Social Forum which as you can see is working to undermine the education system in Ontario and probably the rest of Canada as well. Here is a PDF File of the guide for a convention it just had in Ottawa.

As the PSF is filled with Anarchists & Communists this video by Brian Lilley of the Sun News Network is an eye opener. It forces you think about if your merely getting biased news or Communist AgitProp fed to you on a daily basis. The media in Canada is also being kept alive with taxpayers money is shown here at the federal level and here at the provincial level. There is even a question about it even having to tell the truth (1) anymore. Where the CRTC, a federal government agency, may have given it a get out of jail free card. That the broadcasters who might well be doing it debating it is ludicrous.
Bad Associations

One example of buried news is the association between the unions, both private & public sector, and the organization known as ACORN. Another is the close association between the CMG (Canadian Media Guild) & the CLC (Canadian Labour Congress) where young people go to get indoctrinated into Marxist theology.

The ultimate goal of Marxism is the destruction of the family.

There is a very close relationship between the CLC & the Peoples Social Forum as well. The SEIU Healthcare union was crowing about this back in July. A union that, just by coincidence, has worked with ACORN in the past on the bogus "living wage" scam here in Ottawa. To see what the result of this will be you only have to look at Seatec a suburb of Seattle.
Population Control & Euthanasia

Planned Parenthood is another cancer pushing this (1) (2) (3) (4) on kids in America. I do not know if that is in Canada yet. We do know the ETFO is having a Re-Thinking White Privilege Workshop in the fall. And we know who is pushing it. Unless stopped or exposed there is a good chance this (1) (2) (3) (4) will get into the schools in Ontario. When you watch the videos above just remember it went on for 15 years and not just there as well. 2 months ago Nigel Farage of the UKIP party had members in the same town - Rotherham - have their children taken by social services just before the scandal broke.

This should make parents in both the United States AND Canada sit up and take notice. The sex ed material in the "Communist" Core curriculum being pushed by the US government was, "so like pornography that WA prison officials have found it unacceptable reading for their ADULT inmates!". So convicted rapists can't see it but your 8 year old kid - fine. Is there any real surprise Planned Parenthood is on board with it? 

It could be said, without too much exaggeration, that every time you turn on the TV your view of life is subject to serious distortion. And here are a few examples (1) (2) (3) the sexualizing of children by the media coincidences with the push to normalize pedophilia (1) (2) which was pushed in the Canadian Parliament. So if you ask a politician in Ontario or anywhere in Canada about any of this and they call you a racist it appears your talking to a denier, a real one.

Who may also be getting their marching order from the UN as well. Those who know about it know Agenda 21 is about the destruction of property rights. Nobody seems to realize they view your family & children as something that has to be destroyed as well. It's time to do something.
Fast Tracking Fascism

Lastly the federal/provincial government handout money machine might very well be why no mention is made in the media of the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership). The TPP is being sold as a big trade agreement. But as these videos show the TPP (1) (2) not only works against the citizens of the respective countries but appears to be a corporate fascist coup global in scale and a fast track to fascism at work.
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