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Posted July 30, 2015: Sex Slaves  

Islamic State, IS, has written an article about sex slaves in their magazine Dibiq. Now apologists for Islam say that IS has nothing to do with Islam. But IS makes it very clear that when they capture Kafir women and rape them they are only doing what Mohammed did. They quote four verses in the Koran about how Kafir women can be captured and used for sex. Mohammed had sex slaves and his closest companions had sex slaves.

Islamic State reminds Muslims that one of the benefits of sex slavery is that they convert to Islam to gain their freedom and produce Muslim children.

Islamic State is pure Islam.
Abortion Horror Section
3rd Planned Parenthood Sting Video Reveals Profit Strategy, Insider's Gruesome Account
4th Video Goes Into Heart Of Planned Parenthood Fetal Body Parts Lab
10 Important Developments in the Planned Parenthood Scandal
A Step-By-Step Look At The Four Laws Planned Parenthood Broke
Abortion Tissue Broker’s BONUS PLAN: Mileage, Expenses, More for High-End Baby Parts
Brian Lilley: Media Pushing Cecil The Lion Story, Ignoring Planned Parenthood
California: Court Blocks Pro-life Group From Releasing Some New Fetal Part Footage
Cecil the Lion Ranks Higher Than Planned Parenthood’s Baby Holocaust
CMP: StemExpress Blocked Video - And Here's Why
Colorado Abortion Clinic Staff Failed To Report 13-Year-Old’s Sexual Abuse
Compliant Media Kowtowing To PP
Hackers: Second Attack on Planned Parenthood Inside Job
Hillary Looking for Cover Over Planned Parenthood?
Laughing Over Dead Babies?
Liberals Care More About Dead Animals Than Dead Babies
More Horror from the Planned Parenthood Death Cult
Networks Covered Cecil the Lion More in 1 Day Than Abortion Videos in 2 Weeks
Nine More Undercover Videos Ready To Drop On Planned Parenthood
Nothing To See Here: Why Planned Parenthood Will Never Be ‘Transparent’
NY Times Helps Planned Parenthood By Muddling Facts
Planned Parenthood Defund Now
Planned Parenthood Executive Emailed Hillary On Her Private Account
Planned Parenthood Faces New Charge It Broke Law
Planned Parenthood To Teens: We Can Help You Lie To Your Parents
Planned Parenthood Is Targeting Minority Women!
Planned Parenthood Plots Sale of Legally-Alive Fetuses
Planned Parenthood’s Dangerous Sex Advice For Teenagers
Planned Parenthood’s Week in Pictures
Public More Outraged by Lion Death than Baby Mutilation
Selling Our Souls to Trade In Ova, Sperm and Fetal Parts
Sometimes It’s Just Easier To Care About Dead Lions Than Dead People
Texas AG: Office Has Received More Planned Parenthood Videos
Top Canadian Abortion Org. Encourages Women To Donate Aborted Baby Tissue
Top Feminist Suffragette Issues Stunning Rebuke For Media’s ‘Total Silence’ On Planned Parenthood
United Nations And US Government Investigating, Taking Action After Cecil The Lion Killed
What Pisses Me Off About Cecil the Lion
Women Betrayed and Others Expose Planned Parenthood in Oregon
Beyond The Electronic Wall: World Headlines
70% Of Americans See Economy Worsening, Consumer Comfort Collapses By Most In 10 Month
Affirmatively Destroying America's Neighborhoods In The War On Suburbia
America’s Enemies Are Laughing at Us
Another Lawsuit Filed Against Boy Scouts for Abuse by Adult Male
Are We Being Forced Into a “Second American Civil War”… If So, Who Will Win?
Black Lives Matter co-founder threatens to shut down GOP convention
Canadian Converts to Islam Planned to Kill Jewish Children
Congress Members Frustrated by Secret Iran Nuclear Agreements and Hidden Unclassified Documents
Congressman: EPA Sexual Predator ‘Fed A Steady Diet Of Interns’
Cops Say That Boy Scout Leader Admits He Was “Grooming” Boys For Sex
Fabrication in BBC Panorama “Saving Syria’s Children”
Globalization of Education: Producing Green Global Citizens
Government Dependence is Rotting America’s Canada's Soul
Hamas's Child Abuse Camps
How They Keep You Under Their Thumb
Israeli Strike Kills Ruthless, Child-Killing Hizballah/PFLP Terrorist
Law & Order Director Arrested on Child Porn Charges
Meanwhile In Venezuela... The Socialist Paradise Has Arrived
Most Evil Government In American History
Open Letter to the Archbishop of Westminster
Palestinians: A Rare Voice of Sanity
Religion Fail: Christianity Needs To Man-Up
Religion Fail: Vatican Bishop Mocks ‘Right Wing’ Critics Who Think UN Is ‘The Devil’
Religion Fail: What A Waste
Religion Fail: What's Left Of Our National Character
Sanctuary Cities Section
***Toronto Sanctuary City (Blog)***
***TPP: Secret Immigration Chapter in Obama’s Trade Agreement***
***Ann Coulter: Trump Opponents Take Nuanced View of Child Rape***
***Brian Lilley: No One Is Safe From Dangerous "Sanctuary City" Policies***
***Brian Lilley: Uphold The Law: Stop "Sanctuary" Cities in Canada***
Illegal Immigrant Crime Rampant Across Southern Border***
***Illegal Immigrants Key For Foundation Of North American Union***
***Sanctuary City: Death By***

2014 May: 7 Horrible Crimes Committed In America by Illegal Aliens
664,607 Illegals Granted Amnesty, Some Linked To Terrorism, Gangs
Another Immigration-Enforcement Failure - in the First GOP Debate’s Back Yard
Border Patrol Ordered The Release Of Illegal Alien Now Accused Of Murder, Attempted Rape
Feds Refused to Arrest Illegal lmmigrant Shooter
Police Warn of No-Go Zones in Germany
Terrible! Obama Promises to Veto anti-Sanctuary City Legislation
This Is How Mexico Treats Illegal Aliens From America
Thomas Sowell: Immigration Irresponsibility Well Documented

Security Section (Various)
BDS = "Manipulation, Violence and Destruction"
Canada Opens Incumbent Fiber Networks To Competition, Cue The Hysteria
Canada Opens Incumbent Fiber Networks To Competition, Cue The Hysteria 2
Canada Opens Incumbent Fiber Networks To Competition, Cue The Hysteria 3
CISA: The Dirty Deal Between Google & The NSA That No One Is Talking About
Cyber Bill Gives Companies Perfect Cover to Gut Your Privacy
Despite Rumors, Senate Cyber Bill Still Stuck
FBI Built a Database That Can Catch Rapists - Almost Nobody Uses It
Frightening Details From Beheader's Oklahoma Mosque
History is Repeating: German Government Launches Investigation of Journalists for Treason
Hold The phone, Central! Cellphone Radiation Can Cause Cancer: Study
Kentucky Man Shoots Down Drone Hovering over Daughters on Back Deck
Making of the American Police State
Palestinian Summer Camps Preach Jihad and Train Youth to Become Terrorists
Remote Control -Agenda 21 Style
Spain Surpasses Orwell's Nightmare 1984
Supreme Court of Canada Denies Canadians’ Right to Strong Presumption of Innocence
This $1,000 Device Lets Hackers Hijack Satellite Communications
This Gadget Hacks GM Cars To Locate, Unlock, & Start Them
UK Thought Police Arresting People Who May Offend Muslims
>> CSIS Warns Government Of Homegrown Online Anti-Islam Threat
Vizio Latest Manufacturer To Offer More Ways For TVs To Watch Purchasers
When Ron Wyden Says There's A Secret Interpretation Of A Law, Everyone Should Pay Attention
Who’s Watching Me?
Wireless Carjacking: The Chrysler Recall
Sexual-Heresy Agenda: Houston's Equal Rights Ordinance That Isn’t
Spain Next Domino to Fall
Study Of Spain's 'Google Tax' On News Shows How Much Damage It Has Done
Suburban Black Flight?
TPP: As Elites Aim To Finalize Secret 'Profit Over People' Trade Deal, An Alarm Sounds
TPP: Is Canada Set to Cave on Copyright Term Extension
TPP: New Leak Confirms the Secretive TPP Is A Horrorshow
TPP: Trade Talks Fall Short Of Deal
TPP: U.S. State Department Upgrades Serial Human Rights Abuser Malaysia
TPP: Will Undermine US Canadian Law - Including Supreme Court Decisions
Venezuelans Being Thrown in Jail for Tweets that Criticize Government
War On Cash: Smart Credit Cards
We Live In a World Gone Mad

What Turkey Wants In Syria
What’s Left of the American Dream Withers at Record Pace
Whenever Liberals Complain About Deregulation, Show Them This
Why Do Government Services So Often Suck So Badly?
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