When people no longer trust elected officials, the media, or the ballot box, then you will get real change.
Always remember in Canada the tax shaft is still a tax shaft regardless of who is holding the screwdriver
"There is nothing I find more sickening these days then the cavalier attitude the elites have when it comes to someone else being made a human sacrifice to their progressive liberal views. If there is any real benefit to euthanasia (AKA Death With Dignity) or pediatric euthanasia I'll personally hand you a straight razor and you can slit your wrists and tell me all about them while you bleed out. At what point will the "right to die" become the "duty to die"? At what point will a personal choice become another area where the state will interfere and make the decision for someone? So you people who want other people - it's always other people - to die, you people demanding a blood sacrifice for Gaia, please do us all a favor as I have suggested above; lead by example.  I'm pretty sure you will all not be missed.
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November 6, 2014: CIA Invades Amazon Cloud

It’s the 600 million dollar question: What is the CIA doing on Amazon’s Cloud? That’s the billboard found in Seattle, just blocks from Amazon’s headquarters and corporate office. Amazon, of course, is the popular website, known for their massive, online shopping service. With their expansive network, linked to millions of Americans, many people are concerned their privacy and personal data might be for sale, for the steep price of 600 million dollars. She’s a well-known speaker and author on Civil Liberties.