14 Drought-Resistant Vegetables To Plant If You Rarely Get Rain
A Total Game Changer: From Over-Population To De-Population
A World Waking Up: Damage After Vaccination; It’s No Longer An “Anecdote”
Adult with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities Medically Kidnapped in Minnesota
Answer to Gender Anarchy
Behind The Massive Vaccine Scandal in China … And Don’t Think America Is Safe
Big Science is Broken
Bureaucratic Insanity: The American Bureaucrat’s Descent into Madness
CDC Whistleblower Scientist Given Huge Bonus and Asked to Rewrite Fraudulent Vaccine-Autism Study
CMP Vindicated? House Committee Documents Prove The Sale of Baby Parts
Common Core: Obtaining Parents’ Information Through Data Mining
Council-funded Brothel Could Open In Zurich Amid Ban On Red-Light Districts
Defunding the Marxist Madrassas
EU Wants 'Single-Click' Access To Personal Data
Fantasy Islands
Florida: Agency Buckles to Religious Group Pressure, Cancels LGBT Protections for Foster Home Kids
Florida: Parents Demand Privacy Protection After School Approves Transgender Bathroom Use
From the Stalls of Montezuma: A New Front in Culture War
Fluoride Fascists Push Mass Medication
Highly Cited JAMA Psych Paper Retracted for “Pervasive Errors”
Hundreds of Thousands Sign Document to Stop Target’s Bathroom Policy

Indiana University Student Charged With Recording Women in Dorm Showers
Indigenous Liberal MP Says He’ll Vote Against His Government’s Euthanasia Bill
Is It Normal to be a Pervert? Boycott ESPN in Support of Curt Schilling’s Defense of Our Daughters & Mothers
Kasich & Cruz Transgender Bathroom Stalling Tactics
L.A. Woman Photographs What She Witnessed In A Target Restroom
Liberals Love to Talk About Keeping the Children Safe, Except When It Doesn’t Match Their Agenda
Licensing Laws Are Shutting Young People Out Of The Job Market
Manitoba School District Stands By Policy Against Middle School Gay Lessons
More on VaXed Clampdown
Nationwide Protest Seeks to Abolish Planned Parenthood
NBC Chief Bob Wright: Both Obama and Bush Killed Proposals to Improve Vaccine Safety
Of Course: Missouri Man Caught Filming Women In Target Dressing Room
Oregon Bakers Continue Legal Fight, Challenging 'Gag Order'
Planned Parenthood Works With Chinese Population Control Officials Promoting Forced Abortions
Psychiatry Sandcastle Continues to Crumble
Robert De Niro Enters the Vaccine Safety Battle
Sandy Hook Shooter Adam Lanza’s Psychiatrist Arrested
SaneVax Challenges the EU’s European Medicines Agency Regarding the HPV Vaccines Science
Saudi Family Therapist Explains Wife-Beating, "“Some Wives Want To Live A Life Of Equality…"
Sex Education? No, We’re Witnessing The Pursuit Of Ignorance On Matters Of Sexuality
Suicide Rates Rise While Antidepressant Use Climbs
Show Up at School: You Might be Shocked at What Happens To Special Ed Students
Target Faces Boycott over Bathroom Policy: Half Million Sign Petition
Target Staffer Promises To Afflict Women In Order To Comfort Man
Target Stores Say Men Can Use Women’s Bathrooms…Customers IMMEDIATELY Respond
Unhelpful Utterances: 6 Comments We Should No Longer Hear From Mental Health Professionals
US Federal Court: Schools May Not Provide Separate Bathrooms Based on Biology
Vaccine Empire Strikes Back
Washington Father Caught Man Allegedly Trying to Take Photo of Son in Bathroom Stall
What Drug Ads Don’t Say
#BlackLivesMatter Activist Learns the Hard Way That Reporting Fake Crime is a Crime
#BoycottTarget Dominates Top 10 Facebook Trends Three Days In A Row
A Good Question Concerning Bruce Springsteen!
Animal Rights Laid Bare
Blue Man Group Joins Others Canceling North Carolina Dates
College Professor Calls Cops On Conservatives - But Her Plan Backfires BIG TIME
Court Tells Cops They Can't Open A Flip Phone Without A Warrant
Death of Free Speech: The West Veils Itself
Defenders of Clarence Thomas Go on Offense Following Controversial HBO Film
DNA Deniers Say Whites Are Born Racists
Information Age? Or Age of Lies and Deception?
International Socialists Are Using Islam to Further Their Own Agenda
Melissa Click Gives the 'Real' Reason She was Fired: 'I'm a White Lady'
Mockumentary Envisions World Without Men
More Fake Hate: Two More 'Attacks' Proven to be Hoaxes Perpetrated by Social Justice Warrior 'Victims'
Net Neutrality Will Regulate Internet Rates Despite Promises
New Strategy For Pro-Clinton SuperPAC: Argue With Everyone On Social Media
People Are Merging with Their Smartphones
Police are Creating Fake Social Media Accounts To Monitor You - Here’s How To ID A Fake Account
Practical Applications For Massive Surveillance Databases: Timely Birthday Cards, Travel Diaries
Schools are Helping Police Spy on Kids’ Social Media Activity
Self-Contradictory Liberals
Smart Power & The Human Rights Industrial Complex
Sports Page Social Justice Warriors Flip Out over Breitbart Curt Schilling Interview
This Atheist Hate Group Is Attacking Our Christian Heritage Again
Towards A 'Google World Order'?
Uncommon Sense: Celebrities Boycotting North Carolina
Vulgar Leftist Gets Kicked Out of Trump Rally
Week in Pictures: Bathroom Wars Edition
Why Are We So Bored?
18,000 Illegal Aliens Caught in 5 Months - In Single Texas Sector
Another Chicago Record: 1,000 Gunshot Victims In Shortest Time In Decades
As The Economic Collapse Accelerates, Home Invasions For Food Start Appearing In The Press...
Castro’s American Victims
CDC Officials Warned of Safety Risks, Diseases Amid Immigrant Influx
Entire Police Force in Colorado Quits, Abandoning Their Posts … Town Doesn’t Descend into Chaos
Grasping At Straws (The Illusion of Choice)
FBI May "Leak" Clinton Email Probe If DOJ Blocking Continues
Final Destruction of the US Southern Border?
Game Over America! Get Your Money Out Of The Bank & Stop Paying Taxes
Hillary SuperPAC to Unleash An Army Of Internet Trolls
Illegal Immigrant Families Surge Across Border At Record Pace
ISIS Route Plotted Through Mexico?
Islamic State Hacks Michigan Church Website....
It’s Time to Recalibrate Our Relationship with Saudi Arabia
Key Woman in Flint Lawsuit Murdered in Same Week City Water Foreman Mysteriously Drops Dead
Minnesota Muslims Spoke About Planning Jihad Massacres In The U.S. For The Islamic State
Missouri: Muslim Migrant Threatens To Kill Family That Sponsored Him, Faces Deportation
Muslim Scholar: Islam The Remedy For High U.S. Suicide Rate
New Report Proves US Law Enforcement Preparing for Rioting on a National Scale
New Report Shows 3/4 of Illegal Aliens w/ Children Don't Show Up to Court
New Yale Law School Report Shows Rapid Growth of Domestic Watchlists
No One Works in 1 in 5 U.S. Families
Pennsylvania Imam Who Said Hirsi Ali Should Be killed Leads Interfaith Service
Pro-#ISIS United Cyber Caliphate posts 3,600 purported #NY residents’ names: “We Want Them Dead”
Rape Trees, Dead Migrants and the Consequences of an Open Border
Robert Spenser: Saudi Influence In Washington Must End
Sasse Hits Program Diverting Money From Treasury to Insurance Companies
Suicide Rate Soars in 21st Century - Up 80% For Middle Aged White Women
Tennessee Just Declared War On Obama & His Muslim Refugees!
Torches And Pitchforks
Unhappy America: Will The United States Collapse Due To An Internal Societal Meltdown?
Virginia Governor Gives 206,000 Felons The Right To Vote, Flouting State Constitution’s Intent
Will Societal Meltdown Collapse America?
With The Obama Regime Clock Running Out, Muslim Groups Demand...Banning Monitoring Of Muslims

Yes, Terrorists Are Setting Their Sights on Our Southern Border
10 Jihadis Blow Themselves Up Making Bombs In A Mosque
Australia: Grand Mufti Blames “Racism” & “Islamophobia” For Paris Jihad Massacre
Austria: Nationalists Trounce Political Establishment In Landmark Presidential Election
Belgium: PEGIDA Protesters Clash With Police During Rally
Brigitte Gabriel: Muslim Brotherhood's Plan to Overthrow Your Country
Denmark: U.S. Soldier Helps Foil Jihad Plot To Blow up School
Ex-Muslim: “The Level Of Violence In The Qur’an Was Simply Unacceptable To Me”
Fatah Student Election Campaign: 'Plant A Knife In The Heart Of Your Enemy'
France: “Arabic-Speaking Man” Slashes Soldier In The Face With A Box Cutter
France: “Savage Occupation” In Paris
France: Calais Police May Not be Able To Handle Migrants By Summer
France: Migrant Women Attacking Girl For Wearing A Dress
Germany: Migrants Leave Blood, Faeces, Semen Smeared On Asylum Home Walls
Germany: Muslims Scream “Adolf Hitler” & “Allahu akbar,” Make Nazi Salute
Germany: Police Arrest Politician For Citing Anti-Erdogan Satire
Germany: Politician Arrested In Berlin For Insulting Turkish President
Germany: Whatever happened To “Never Again?”
Greece: Migrant Camp Chaos: ‘Weird Things Happen Here… Young Children Are Raped In Bathrooms’
How Islam Erased Christianity From History
Hungary: Europeans Fed Up With Their Nations’ “Suicidal Muslim Migration Policies,” Flee To...
India: Spiritual Leader Invites Islamic State To Peace Talks, They Send Him Photo Of Beheaded Man
Mauritania: Appeals Court Upholds Blogger’s Death Sentence For Apostasy
More ISIS Atrocities Surface: 250 Women Executed For Refusing ‘Sexual Jihad’
Muslim Cleric Calls For Genocide Of Jews & Atheists

Muslim Who Plotted To Behead Pamela Geller Tried To Organize Other Beheadings While In Jail
Norway: Offers Refugees Cash To Leave The Country
Philippines: Islamic State Jihadis Threaten To Behead Western Hostages
Pope (AKA Big Red) Ditched Two Refugees Once He Found Out They Were Christians
Pope (AKA Big Red) Dropped Christian Refugees, Takes ONLY MUSLIMS To Vatican Instead
Religion Of Peacer RAPES Little Girl, Years Later She Returns … With A VENGEANCE
Saudi Therapist Produces Muslim Video Guide To Beating Your Wife
Sweden: Muslim Migrant Kicks Wife In Head For Wanting To Learn Swedish
Sweden: Revolt Over Refugees Near Schools: Demand "F##king Answers" From Stockholm City Council
Sweden: Syrian Refugee Gets No Jail Time For Murdering Swedish Boy
Sweden: Yet Another Planned Muslim Invader Center Has Been Torched By Fed-Up Swedes
Switzerland: Readies Military In Preparation For A New Wave Of Migrants
UK: City Council Says City “Too Multicultural” To Celebrate St. George’s Day
UK: Muslim Uber Driver Refuses To Accept Blind Woman Because She Had Guide Dog
UK: National Union of Students Top Dog Says Condemning The Islamic State Would Be...
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