Americans Are Increasingly Aware Of Crony Capitalism, And It Is Changing Politics As We Know It
Bookstore-Slayer Amazon Plans 400 ... Bookstores?
Canada Looks To Implement Negative Interest Rates
Canada Looks To Implement Negative Interest Rates 2
Cashless Society Cometh: Germany Joins Trend Toward Cashless Society
Cashless Society Cometh: Global Conspiracy To Ban Cash
Cashless Society Cometh: Government Is Weaning Us Off Of Cash
Civil Forfeiture (US): Justice Served In Rare Ruling Against The IRS
Climate Costs Estimated At More Than $12 Trillion for U.S. Taxpayers
Credit Suisse Announces 4,000 Job Cuts Amid Big Q4 Loss
Death Of Fiat Currency: The Race To Zero
Depressed Bovine Excrement : Global Warming’ Blamed For Surge In Pet Depression
Devastating: 48% Collapse In Trucking Orders - Backbone of U.S. Trade Infrastructure and Logistics
Eurozone Economy ‘Losing Steam’ Amid Market Turmoil
Finally, America May Be Catching On To Ethanol Racket
For Venezuela, The End Is Near. Someone Tell Bernie!
Forecasting An Economic Collapse: These 7 Indicators Are All You Need To Know
Get Prepped for Global Systemic Collapse
Global Crash Accelerates As Governments Increase Theft From Citizens
Global Economy Could Fall Farther and Faster Than Pundits Expect
Government Hydro Sucks
Incredible Corporate Sovereignty Saga Involving Ecuador And Chevron Continues
Keiser Report: Russian New Culinary Movement
Keiser Report: Stupid People & Stupid Policies
Loch Ness Socialism: The Myth Of The Successful Socialist Country
McDonalds Teetering On The Brink Of Financial Collapse
Minimum Wage Advocates Make Minimum Sense
Obama Wants New $10-a-Barrel Oil Tax
Oil Vs. Electricity: Argentina’s Impossible Emergency
Oregon Governor Abandons $15+ Minimum Wage
Restaurant Industry Suddenly Tanks, Worst Plunge Since The Beginning Of The Financial Crisis
Retail Closures Scream Recession
TPP: Agreement Signed To Little Fanfare. Here’s Why
TPP: As Americans Prep for Super Bowl Sunday, Their Future Is Being Sold to the Corporate Elite
TPP: Countries Sign... Whatever Happened To The 'Debate' We Were Promised Before Signing?
TPP: Pacific Grim - How It Signed Away Your Digital Rights
TPP: Obama (& Trudeau) Just Quietly Signed It
TPP: Trade Deal Signed In Auckland
Transportation Recession Spreads
US: Bound by Climate Change Deal That Skirts Constitution, House Panel Told
US: BLM Targets Private Land for Agenda 21
US: Debt Just Exceeded $19 Trillion. Here's How We Got Here
US: Federal Reserve Just Made Another Huge Mistake
US: Feds Helped Hide Investigation Into Big Bank’s Money Laundering For Drug Cartels
US: Your Tax Dollars Will Fund The Next Global Bailout
US Ponzi Pension News: Growing Public Pension and Muni Bond Bubble
What We Are Experiencing Now Is The Death Of Fiat Currency
Who Doesn't Like Cheap Oil?
Worsening Financial Crisis: Venezuela Faces Lack Of Printing Paper
10 Ways True Feminism Is Under Attack
A GPS Tracker For Kids Had A Bug That Would Let Hackers Stalk Them

A Quick Reminder On Why Sleep Is So Important To Your Health
Automaton Factory
BMI (Body Mass Index) Is A Waste Of Time
Catholic Cardinal Refuses To Compromise On Euthanasia At Parliamentary Hearing
CDC Adds 3 More Vaccines to Childhood Immunization Schedule
Christian Festival Wins Fight To Sing Name Of ‘Jesus’ In Toronto Square
Drop Charges Against Pro-Life Investigators Or Face Ethics Charges Yourself...
Education Cyber Chief Detailed Cars Instead Of Protecting Against Hackers
Forced Psychiatry in Ohio - Instrument of Political Oppression?

Further Evidence Of The Adverse Effects of Antidepressants
Genetic Engineering & The Next Pandemic
Good News In American Higher Education
Government Investigation Confirms Children Are Trafficked In The U.S. - Modern Day Slavery
Heartburn Pills Linked To Kidney Disease
How China's One-Child Policy Led To Forced Abortions, 30 Million Bachelors
How I Explained The New Left To My Son
How The FDA Let Women Down
Is Big Food Watching Your Step Online With Cyber Armies?
Israeli Study: Your Cell Phone is Killing Your Sperm
It's Midnight, America, Do You Know Your Kids Are Dying?
Kentucky’s New GOP Governor Signs Bill Mandating Informed Consent For Abortion
Medically Kidnapped Disabled Man Held Against his Will in Orange County California
Minnesota Public School Principal Bans Valentine’s Day
Muslim ‘Pro-Rape’ Blogger Holding “International Meet Up Day” For Men Across U.S.
NYPD Cop, Whose Job Was To Bust Prostitutes, Exposed As A Pimp In Massive Sex Trafficking Ring
OU Professor: Youths' Attraction To Sanders Shows Education Failure
Psychiatric Drugging of Children & Elderly
Regrettable Decline Of Higher Learning
Required Gardasil Vaccine and Others Could Turn Hawaii Into America’s Only FORCED Vaccination State
Segregation Rising: San Francisco Gays Want heterosexuals Out Of Their Neighborhoods...
SGPC Says Siropa Wasn't Presented To Ontario Premier; Canadian Mission Releases Photo
Shock Over More Babies Born Since Planned Parenthood Defunded in TX
SSRIs and Antidepressants Increase Mental Health Issues Confirmed
Surveillance Rising: Is Big Food Watching Your Step Online With Cyber Armies?
Surveillance Rising: U. California Faculty Members Object to Having Emails Monitored
Surveillance Rising: University Makes Fitbits Mandatory
Top Eight Ways To Heat Your Home During An Emergency Grid-Down Scenario
Toxic Pool of Bad Loans Threatens World Economy
This State Could Soon Become First to Stop Transgender Students From Using Opposite-Sex Bathrooms
TruthRevolt Writer/Filmmaker Confronts Radical Feminism in Medieval Horror Movie
US: Feds Duped By Human Traffickers - No Remorse?
US: National Campaign Launched to Abolish U.S. Education Department
YIKES! Just How Many Genders/Sexual Orientations Are There?
You Say You Know The Facts About The Abortion Pill… But RU Sure?
Zika Virus: Abortion Group Offers Free Abortion Pills for Zika Victims
#1 Threat To Humanity
Bloomberg Felons Push Fake Shootings For Gun Grab
Clock Is Ticking On Yahoo As We Know It
Comcast 'Only' Lost 36,000 Pay TV Subscribers Last Year, Prompting Renewed Cord Cutting Denial
Common Sense On The Ropes
Criminal Background Checks For Journalists
Demand Accountability From CBS News
Donald Trump Becomes Self-Aware: Says Politicians Are Full Of Sh*t
Elite Knew Mass Unemployment and Unrest Was Coming A Long Time Ago
End Justifies The Means & Ted Cruz
Fine Brothers History Of Overaggressive Behavior Doomed Their Plan...
GCHQ's Spam Problem
Guy Autotweets Comcast Whenever His Service Stinks
Here’s Why Microsoft is Automatically Downloading Windows 10 Onto PCs
Hijab Barbie Could Be Coming Next
How Feminists React To Rape
HuffPo: Best Way To Liberate 'Black Lives' Is Through More Abortions
Iraqi Journalist Dispels Myth that ISIS Has No Ties to Islam
John Cleese: Political Correctness Will Lead To An Orwellian Nightmare
Journalist Exposed Fabricating Quotes About Charleston Shooter, Trump Supporters
Media War On Trump
Microsoft Tallied Iowa Votes, FB Sponsored Presidential Debate: A Look at Technocracy
Monsanto’s Big Loss In Federal Court
More Comedy From The Times
MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry: I Was Almost Killed by a Crazy Man Ranting About Nazi Germany! (Maybe)
NYT Gets Pallywooded
Obama To Meet With Islamic Anti-Gay Hate Preacher…Liberals Are Silent
Peril of Working with Psychoactive Drugs Is Accidentally Tripping
Queer Things Happen In Islam
Rebel.Media Video: U.S. Senate Demands Answers About Trudeau's Reckless Refugee Plan
Society Is Rejecting New Music En Masse For First Time In History
Television, Football and Politics: Gaming Spectacles Designed to Keep the Police State in Power
Time Warner Eyes Hulu Stake, Wants Service To Remove Current Seasons Of Shows
Vandal Draws Swastikas In Front Of Jewish Family’s Business
Viral Video By Muslim Woman Sparks Movement To Defeat Radical Islam
Washington Post Airbrushes Obama’s Mosque Visit
What Is The Best Method Of Rebellion Against Tyranny?
4th Circuit Applies Strict Scrutiny to Maryland Gun Control Law
American Dream Is Dead, And Now Even The Mainstream Media Is Starting To Admit It
Another Current Obama Official Caught In An Illegal Email Scandal
Apparently, ‘God Is Out’ And ‘Allah Is In’ For Students In Roane County Schools
Bernie Sanders Spent Months at Marxist-Stalinist Kibbutz
Big Bucks, Shadowy Companies: Election Mystery Money Returns
Booga Booga! U.S. Air Force to “Defend Super Bowl Airspace” from Invisible Threat
Border Patrol Agents Are Being Ordered To Stand Down By Obama Administration
Border Patrol’s New Stand Down Policy
Brooke Goldstein Iust Exposed The Terror Group Operating Openly In The White House
Chicken Little Chuck Schumer: America’s Open Borders Disease-Fighting Phony
Chickens Are Coming Home To Roost
Christie: Hamas-Linked Mosque "Not Radical Jihadists"
Cruz: Iowa Win Shows 'Grassroots Are Fed Up’ With The Establishment
Damning Op-Ed Exposes How Hillary's Top Aides Are Rabidly Anti-Israel
Democrat Sharia Bill: Criminalizing Criticism Of Islam
Democrats Want Gun Owners To Report To Insurance Companies
DHS Plans To Cut Aerial Border Surveillance in Half
FBI Closing In On Hillary Despite White House Interference??
FBI Posts Surveillance Team Outside Radical Mosque… Guess Who Just Went Inside
Federal Grand Jury Subpoenas Records From Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes’ Campaigns
Former DHS Boss Puts University Of California Employees Under Secret Surveillance
Geller: The Terror Vote
House Chair Threatens Justice Dept: End Sanctuary Cities Or Lose Federal Funding
House Freedom Caucus Hits Back at Paul Ryan
HUD Eyes Evicting Thousands Of People From Low-Income Housing
Iowa Democrat Party Issues Stunning Announcement About Caucus Results…
January Gun Sales Set Yet Another Record
Judge Convicted After He Admitted to Torturing Man in Court With 50,000 Volts to Shut Him Up
Mass Immigration Means Losing Our Language, Culture and Country
Mosque Obama Visited Under FBI Surveillance Since 2010
Muslim American Terrorists Grow in 2015
Muslim Plan To Influence The 2016 U.S. Elections
Muslim Terrorists with Knives, Guns and Explosives Slaughter Jews in Israel as Obama Lectures Us...
New Budget Showdown: Conservatives Want To Disavow Boehner Deal
NEW ISIS VIDEO of English-speaking CHILD BEHEADING hostage and threatening AMERICA
Obama & Clinton vs. The People Of The United States
Obama Criticism of Muslim Americans ‘Has No Place In Our Country’
Obama Mosque Visit & Gender Apartheid

Obama’s Radical Speech at Jihad-Terror Tied ISB Mosque in Baltimore: “Muslims Keep Us Safe”
Old Glory: Man In Texas Forced To Take Down His American Flag
Old Glory: Obama Goes Out Of His Way To Remove American Flag In The White House…
Oregon: Eyewitness Contradicts FBI Version of Finicum Shooting
Oregon: Gun Control Bill Pulled
Oregon: Lavoy Finicum Tased By OSP Implicates Murder By The Feds
Oregon: Protesters Call Americans to Come to Detain and Remove FBI
Oregon: Shawna Cox Talks About The Ambush
Questions For Obama's First U.S. Mosque Visit

Police Across America Are Forcing High School Students To Take Breathalyzers
Primaried Congressman Pledges to Remove Funding of Sanctuary Cities
Private Interests And Public Money
Real Truth About Why Obama Is Planting Muslim Refugees In Small Towns Across America
Refugees Bring Poverty To Minnesota
Rise Of Bernie Sanders - The Fall Of America

Sanctuary Cities Information Site
Senate Silent As Deadline Looms For Green Beret's Career
Senator Accuses EPA of Stacking The Deck On Air Quality Panel
Sen. Ben Sasse: Conservatives Don’t Need a ‘Republican Barack Obama’
Smirking Drug CEO Antagonizes Lawmakers After Pleading The Fifth
So It Begins Here: U.S. City ‘Overrun’ With Criminal Refugees
Soros & CFR Exploit Refugee Crisis For New World Order
Sources, Methods & Lives
South Carolina: THIS Is What Happens When Muslims Try To Use Sharia Law In American Courts
Tennessee Votes To Change The Constitution Without Obama’s Permission
Texas Governor Storms: Why Is DHS Reducing Our Border Monitoring?
Texas Just Shut Down Sharia Law For Good… ‘No One Trumps American Law!’
This Is Where San Francisco Has Hid A Bunch Of The Homeless During Super Bowl 50
Truth About Obama’s Claim that Islam Has Always Been Part of America
U.S. Border Agents Told To Stand Down, Allow Illegals To Enter
White Privilege And Racism, Or Political Privilege And Corruption?

Who Are The Real Knuckle-Dragging Troglodytes?
Albania: No “Terror Link” As “Armed Jihadis” With Qurans Are Arrested In Kosovo
Austria: 10-Year-Old Boy Brutally Raped By Iraqi Migrant at Pool in Vienna
Australia Resists International Pressure Not To Deport Child Migrants...
Belgium: Migrant-Dominated Group Raped Unconscious 17-Year-Old...
Belgium: Governor Warns Do Gooders To Stay Away Or Risk Creating A New Calais
Czechs Detain 8,500 Illegal Migrants In 2015
David Harris: Testimony To US Senate Committee On Canada’s Refuge Policy
Denmark: Nightclub Under Fire For Banning Muslims
Egypt: Christian Students On Trial For Insulting Islam - For Mocking The Islamic State
EU & US Come To 'Agreement' On Safe Harbor, But If It Doesn't Stop Mass Surveillance, It Won't Fly
EU: Cities With Most Migrants Suffer Greatest Drops In Standard Of Living
EU: Officials FINALLY Admit Secret About “Refugees” They’ve Known For A While
EU: Finally Waking Up To Dangers Of Multiculturalism
EU: PEGIDA March Across Europe
EU: Unveils Plan To Curb Funding To Extremists
Explaining the Islamic State Phenomenon (Part 1)
Explaining the Islamic State Phenomenon (Part 2)
Finland: “Refugees” Think They Can Rape and Rob… Then The “Soldiers of Odin” Show Up
France: 6 Converts To Islam Plotted Jihad Mass Murder At Swingers Clubs
France: 25 Migrant Networks Dismantled Over Year
France: French Government Wants To Extend State Of Emergency
France: French Interior Minister Confirms PEGIDA Ban, Says Group Will Create Tension, Division, Violence
France: Left-Wing Journalist Knife Attacked by Calais Migrants, Blames Britain...
France: Woman Comes Out Of The Shadows And Drops Bombshell About Paris Attack
Germany: Authorities Knew Migrants Were Groping Young Girls As Early As 2013
Germany: Complaints Over Sexual Harassment At Cologne Carnival Double
Germany: Establishment Figure Does The Math On Immigration Figures
Germany: Mayor Says 10-Year-Olds Shouldn’t ‘Provoke’ Sex Attacks
Germany: Multicultural Toilets’ For ‘Global Defecation’ Seek To Stop Migrants Pooping On The Floor
Germany: Muslim PhD Candidate Arrested For Declaring His Support For The Islamic State
Germany: Over 91,000 Asylum-Seekers Arrived In January
Germany: Sexual Harassment - School Under Police Protection
Germany: Think Merkel Isn’t In Trouble? Look At These Charts
Germany: THIS Nation Has Become A Terrorist Breeding Ground
Germany: Town Cancels Children’s Carnival After Terror Threat
Germany: University President ‘German Children Need To Learn Arabic’
Germany: Young Women Beaten, Sexually Assaulted In Migrant Attacks During Carnivals
Germany (Police State Rising): Prosecuting Journalists Who Try To Report On Migrant Crisis
Hungry (Police State Rising): Law Would Allow Government To Suspend Key Human Rights...
Islamic Groups Push ‘World Hijab Day’ To Undermine Western Opposition
Israel: Police Thwart Jerusalem Terror Attack
Kosovo: Islamic State fFag Found In Home Of Muslim Arrested With Rifle Outside Monastery
Pakistan: Christian Servant Beaten To Death by Muslim Police
Russia: ‘REFUGEES’ Cross Into RUSSIA to GROPE WOMEN; Then THIS Happens … BOOOM
Saudi-Backed Opposition Sends Rebel Leader Designated As Terrorist To Geneva
Saudi Starbucks Serves Up A Steaming Hot Cup Of NO To Female Patrons
Sharia & Non-Muslims
Sweden: Code 291 Police Cover-Up Thousands of Crimes Involving “Refugees”
Sweden: Death By Immigration
Sweden: Islamic State Flag & “Pray To Allah Or Die” Painted On Wall Of School
Sweden: Migrant Girls As Young As 11 Arrive In Sweden Married And Pregnant
Top Military Leaders Say Women Should Register For The Draft
Turks' Unrequited Love for Palestinians
UK: Cops Threaten PEGIDA Marchers
UK: Rotherham Abuse Trial - Children’s Charity Boss Denies ‘Pimping Girls From Children’s Homes
UN Admits Own Impotence, Sort Of

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